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"The Academy commends your program for developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate and effective teaching approaches that enhance each child's learning and development in the context of the program's curriculum goals."
- NAEYC Academy

"When my son entered Peppertree, he had just turned two and was only speaking a few words. Within his first few weeks in care, he was speaking in complete sentences! My son has since developed into an incredibly verbal boy who is curious about the world around him. I have no doubt that my son will be 100% ready for kindergarten when he is five years old, thanks to Peppertree."
- Mary G

"The staff turnover at Peppertree is minimal, giving parents a chance to see the same faces year after year and we get to know the caregivers for all of the classroom ages. Peppertree offers a good variety of educational and fun field trips as well as bringing in fun and educational outside groups. The directors and staff also make sure to make the parents feel inclusive by providing monthly newsletters and having several social gatherings throughout the year."
- Vicki B

"One of the biggest challenges a parent has is knowing that they have made the right decision for their child while they are at work. My husband and I looked at numerous facilities and not one felt right—until we came to Peppertree. Nothing was hidden, the rooms were open and light, the children were having fun and learning and the teachers were having fun as well. We immediately put our names on the wait list and knew that this was where our children should go."
- Lisa S

"My daughter has attended Peppertree since she was three months old; she is now three years old. She is counting, knows her alphabet and sings the days of the week. They have worked with her on developmental skills and she has gained valuable social interactions. Most importantly she is happy. Peppertree is a place that encourages her, teaches her new things and makes her day fun."
- Heather M

"When we first looked at enrolling our daughter after her birth, my wife and I could feel the support that the staff gives to the young children that attend the school and the joy they gain in their development. We know the staff works very hard to maintain their NAEYC status in order to prepare the children for their continued education when they begin attending kindergarten and beyond. The space inside and out is well suited for interactive learning and our daughter is developing excellent social skills interacting with such a diverse group of children and staff. We plan to have another child in the next few years and would love for them to get the chance to grow and learn the way our daughter has with Peppertree."
- Kevin B